If you want to have a successful week, you must plan and prepare for it. You must be thoughtful and thorough about your plans. What is the best way to do that? Rethinking how you organize and plan your workday on Sundays will make you productive. In this article at TechRepublic, Patrick Gray explains how to be more productive on Sundays to create structure in our work life.

How to Remain Productive?

Create a To-Do List

Put together your to-do list for the entire week. Your to-do list may also include complex work projects that you may undertake at an undefined point in the future. Do not set any categories, dates, or complex prioritization schemes. You can apply the same method to your emails. Rather than flagging important emails, capture the action you must take in your workflow tool. This helps you:

  • Remain sorted as all your to-do tasks are captured in a single repository.
  • Be in complete control of everything you must do. You can pick and choose activities that require your focus. You can also schedule them at your discretion.

Never Assign Dates

Most people go wrong when they assign due dates to each task. Professionals spend hours organizing their tasks. However, after a few days, they start missing the self-imposed due dates. “Then, the to-do list becomes a source of dread and another uncontrollable taskmaster,” says Patrick. Explore your repository to to-do tasks, put out the items based on their importance, and complete them. Additionally, you must:

  • Break your tasks into smaller components.
  • Highlight your top priorities and plan your week around them.

Sleep Well

A good night’s rest on Sunday will help you handle stress and puts you in a more optimistic and can-do mood. Good sleep enables you to manage the start of the week rather than retreating under the covers.

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