How do you start your day? With an alarming note, a black coffee, or running to the gym? Most people begin by checking social media posts on their smartphones. It is the new trend after digital transformation became a significant part of our lives. Nonetheless, successful people do not believe in following cliches. They make and break their own rules by pushing their limits. In this article at Forbes, Caroline Castrillon shares morning rituals that business leaders and iconic entrepreneurs maintain. Take inspiration from these role models to transform your daily to-do list.

Set the Tone of the Day

Your morning routine sets the tone of the day. It enables your thought process, allows you to schedule, and controls your daily activities. As you start on a positive note, you can make necessary adjustments to end the day productively. Following the footsteps of business leaders is just a way to improve your routine. Let’s take a look:

Avoid Alarms

Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos believes in eight hours of sound sleep. He thinks a human body must awake naturally, without any sound or alarm. Any sound in the morning causes distress that leads to a massive release of stress hormones. Thus, it is not the ideal approach to start a day.

Drop Caffeine

Switching to water over caffeine is the reasonable health choice suggested by experts. A period of 8 hours without it leaves your body dehydrated. A generous portion of warm water can bridge the gap and keep you hydrated. The ritual can aid in digestion and boost your metabolism rate.

Exercise Daily

Workout or exercise is an essential ritual celebrities and business leaders follow. Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates also multitasks while taking a sprint on a treadmill in the morning, confirms a New York Times report. Some entrepreneurs perform yoga or meditation to maintain their physical and emotional well-being.

Evade Critical Matters

Kenneth Chenault, the Ex-CEO of American Express, suggests ending the day by logging three priorities for the day. Many successful people make their tomorrow’s to-do list today avoid morning hassles. It can help you save time and energy. Subsequently, you can get a work-life balance.

Question Yourself

Late legend and Apple founder Steve Jobs used to question himself looking in the mirror every morning. Try seeking an answer for your current role. Be wary if you are born to do the same job or need to transform. Your answer decides the next step and strategy.

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