The right consultant will provide organizations with significant business value. How do you know that the candidate in front is the one you are searching for? In this article at Forbes, Phil Lewis shares tips to choose the right consultant to derive business value.

Get Hold of the Right Consultant

The best part of hiring a consultant is that you can get an objective view of the problems that were invisible to your biased eye. The catch is, if the individual goes wrong, you will be the one compensating for the losses incurred by the experience. Hiring the right candidate, therefore, is essential to derive the business value you desire the most. Here are ways to make it possible:

Ask About Their Failed Projects

Undoubtedly, consultants will showcase their wins. However, they had their fair share of hits and misses before gaining their current expertise. Ask them to share at least two failed attempts they have encountered in the past two years. They must describe the lessons they have learned and how they prevented repetition. Also, do not forget to ask what the consultants need from you to come up with a solution.

Take Small Steps

Start with small problems and go for the bigger ones once you gain confidence. You will understand if the individual fits your work culture. Also, the exercise will prove that you have the perfect guy.

Encourage Payment By Results (PBR)

Some organizations do not favor it for the budgetary dilemma. However, it makes the funding and payment processes more transparent. Categorize your project in phases so that authorities can release funds accordingly.

Focus on Real Work More Than Presentation

Unfortunately, clients prefer presentations over conversations. Consultants spend your time and money in making presentations when they could have utilized it to solve actual issues. The right consultant will prefer to give you a fact-based report rather than demonstrating fancy charts.

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