Stockbyrs, Vecteezy

By: Dan Kevin Roque

The summer months can be brutal.

Many government agencies and government contractors experience a surge in the workforce during these next few months due to various summer factors like seasonal projects, temporary roles ending, and an influx of short-term projects. This increased demand puts a ton of pressure on agencies and staffing firms to quickly fill positions before the end of the fiscal year hiring rush.

There’s also the huge competition for talent, exacerbated by the limited availability of candidates, and of course, budget constraints. Here’s five ways HRUCKUS can add value to your recruiting practices during this time:

  1. Early Planning – If niche recruiting were a language, then GovCon is our mother tongue. We know how to anticipate the increased demands for temporary workers during this time, and we have a robust pipeline of candidates ready to fill these roles for you.
  2. Agility – Agile is the name of the game. Being able to quickly pivot through different temporary roles is something of a specialty in our firm. We have daily stand up meetings, strategy sessions, and circle back sessions to make sure no open roles – and more importantly, NO ONE – falls through the cracks.
  3. Data-Driven Recruitment – Our recruiters are equipped with the cutting-edge technology and knowledge to find people for niche and extremely hard to fill roles. From AI-assisted sourcing, to partnering with a vast network of subcontractor firms, our team is equipped to handle the changing summer winds.
  4. Flexible Solutions – Permanent, Direct Hire? Contract-to-Hire? Strictly short term contract roles? Corp-to-Corp? We’ve seen it all and are trained to handle all these situations with care and diligence.
  5. Disruptive Excellence – Top 25% of LinkedIn Teams of 2023, led by a Wharton MBA, SDVOB Certified, HubZone Certified, and CBE Certified, HRUCKUS is EXCELLENCE. Specializing in GovCon and cleared roles, we are updated on regulatory requirements and compliance standards related to government contracting, including security clearance processing.

These are just some of the tech-savvy strategies that allows us to deftly maneuver through your seasonal staffing challenges. Let us know how we can help empower your team to seamlessly meet the staffing demands and expectations you’re facing this summer months.